Firm Profile

Donnell, Abernethy & Kieschnick was founded in 1973 as Meredith & Donnell. The firm has grown to a 10 lawyer firm engaged in a general civil practice. Since its founding it has been actively engaged in major civil trial and appellate litigation, as well as substantial health care litigation in the defense of physicians and health care institutions. The firm maintains two fully-staffed offices with the main office in Corpus Christi, Texas, and an office in McAllen, Texas. Our firm offers staffing and resources which include paralegal and nurse paralegal support in both the Corpus Christi and McAllen offices, to support the vigorous pursuit of all types of civil cases, from the most complex to the most basic.


Donnell, Abernethy & Kieschnick represents both public and private entities in a wide range of civil litigation including complex multi-party and class action lawsuits. The firm has an active practice both in the state and federal courts. The firm also handles matters before various state agencies, which include the Texas Workers Compensation Commission, EEOC, TCHR, and State Board of Medical Examiners. In addition, one member of the firm, in addition to her litigation practice, provides a mediation practice.

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